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North Carolina Corrections Officer Test Study Guide

Review and Exam Preparation Material

This Corrections Officer Exam Study Guide and Practice Test, applicable to examinations given in the state of North Carolina, can help you prepare for your exam in order to make sure you are truly ready. This exam preparation book contains tips and tricks and a proven study method to help you score to your full potential.

In addition, the Study Guide Book contains valuable information about your exam. This is accomplished by illustrating to you what you can expect overall by identifying the most common core skills and question formats typically used on these types of examinations.

Furthermore, this particular Correctional Officer Study Guide Book includes a complete overview of typical test content by illustrating example question types. And it also contains a comprehensive discussion of subject matter and test format. The Guide even delivers a complete Practice Test - in which you get to test your skills as they relate to typical test content.

Here is what you can expect overall as far this Correction Officer Test Study Guide Book content...

The Corrections Officer Test Preparation Book includes several professionally designed methods of review.


#1 Quick Overview Describing What to Expect
#2 Comprehensive "Study and Discussion" Section
#3 Practice Test
#4 Answer Key with Explanations to the Practice Test
#5 Final Review and Summary of ALL Topics Reviewed and Discussed
And More!

The first section of the Study Guide is called the "Study and Discussion Section"...

-This Section of the Guide is where we discuss the general makeup and characteristics of common exam content. In doing so; we illustrate many common subjects typically tested as well as explain how these types of test questions are typically formatted. In addition, valuable information as it relates to typical subject matter is discussed, reviewed, and illustrated.

Once you have completed the Study and Discussion Section, you will then have the opportunity to test your skills by taking a full-length Corrections Officer Practice Test...

In the Practice Test Section, you will have the opportunity to test your skills as they relate to typical content as well as question format typically used on these types of examinations. As a result, you can discover the real subjects and format typically you are likely to see on your exam.

Next, you can then check your answers using the Answer Key that includes full-length explanations. As a result, after you take the Practice Test, you will have a much better understanding of where your strengths and weaknesses are.

Discover where your "strengths and weaknesses" are as they relate to typical exam material. This is accomplished by using the Answer Key to check your progress. As such, the Answer Key depicts full-length descriptions as to how the answers to the Practice Test were actually derived.

Finally, we translate all of the information provided and summarize everything that was discussed throughout the Correctional Officer Test Guide. Bottom line; in the end, you should have a much better understanding of what to expect on exam day as well as be much more familiar with common exam content and subject matter.

Correction Officer Examination

Study, Review and Practice.

*In order to graphically illustrate the above information, the video below gives detailed information on what is included in this Study Guide and how it can help you pass with a high score. The video also provides information about how our comprehensive test preparation resource can prepare you for your exam...

Correctional Officer Test Preparation and Exam Review

All of the Most Common Subject Matter and Various Question Formats are Covered


Reading Comprehension
Preparing Written Material
Analyzing Corrections Related Material
Analyzing Situations with Inmates
Situational Reasoning
Coding Corrections Data
Reading Various Charts
Interpreting Graphs and Visual Aides
Memory Exercises
And More!

Valuable "Tips" and "Tricks" of Correctional Officer Test-Taking Skills Are Also Included...

This is accomplished by allowing you to:

Discover How to Answer "Trick" Questions
Learn More About Overall Test Format
Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Simple Tactics to Answer Questions Rapidly
Apply Your Knowledge to Actual Exam Typical Content
Specific Test-Taking Strategies
Familiarize Yourself with Typical Corrections Officer Test Content
Be Aware of Subject Matter that is Typically used on these types of exams
Review Content, Data and Question Types You may Not be Familiar With
Learn How to Avoid Troubling Mistakes Former Test-Takers have Made
How to Overcome Typical Corrections Officer Exam Test Anxiety
Typical "Paper" Required Documents and Other Prerequisites
Discover Typical Exam Content so that YOU can Score to YOUR Full-Potential
And More!

The video below furthermore discusses what you can expect overall. Watch the video in order to get a firm understanding of all the information that is included in your Corrections Officer Study Guide and Practice Test Preparation Book. All sections of the Study Guide are discussed so that you will know exactly what you can expect. In fact, as illustrated in the video, the Product is now available as an instant download!

Corrections Officer Test Preparation Book:

-Applicable to Corrections Officer Exams in the state of North Carolina

Corrections Officer Test Study Guide and Practice Test Book

***Includes Two Special FREE Bonuses!

FREE Bonus #1: "Proven Strategies to Answer Any Type of Question"

Discover How to Increase Your Chances of Answering Various Questions Formats Using New Test-Taking Techniques
Learn to Employ Strategies From Test-Prep Professionals
Reveals Tactics You Can Use to Answer Many Different Question Types (multiple choice, true/false, etc.)
And More!

FREE Bonus #2: "Time-Tested Test Taking Techniques"

Learn Several Time-Tested Techniques You Can Use to Score to Your Full-Potential
Discover How to Raise Your Score by Using just a Couple of Simple Strategies
Includes a "Blueprint" of Methods Former Test-Takers Used to Maximize their Score
And More!

Correctional Officer Examination Review Materials and Sample Test

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North Carolina Corrections Officer Exam Study Guide and Review Book

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Corrections Officer Test Study Guide Book

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